Our symbol is taken from the Bible verse Song of Songs 8:6-7.
"Love is like a mighty flame,
many waters cannot quench it."

Our unity will be tested over the course of our marriage and it will need to stand the test of whatever comes along. However, we know that because of our love for each other and for God, that we will survive those struggles with a greater love, just like the flame in this verse.

Both of our wedding rings have three stones on them. The orange topaz is Ana's birthstone, the green emerald is Will's birthstone and the sparkling cubic zurconia in the middle represents God. These personalized rings symbolize our unity and our dependance on God as the source and model of love and the giver and sustainer of life.
We decided to forego the engagement ring, and instead we are both wearing silver chains as the symbol of our engagement. We used this mutual symbol to represent our mutual commitment to each other, our mutual role in the process and our equal status in the relationship. Often you will see us, before the wedding, wearing the other person's wedding ring on the chain around our necks as yet another reminder of our love.

To simplify the gift giving process, we have registered at The Bay and at Canadian Tire. To view our registry, click on either store link, or visit the home appliance section of any Canadian location of those stores. Registry computers are there with simple search instructions and store staff will gladly help you through the procedure.

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